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Juliana Morgans

What was your main sport before triathlon?
Horse riding but didn't do any sport for a good few years before triathlon just loved a gym class!

Have you played another sport at a high level?

I wish!

Best triathlon moment?

Stood on the beach at Ironman Wales, looking up at all the crowds singing the national anthem! Actual goosebumps!


I'm a par

How many fulls, how many halves?
1 full - Ironman Wales
4 half -

Cotswolds x2

IM Staffordshire 70.3


What is your ultimate triathlon goal?

To be able to remove my hands from the brakes and smash the bike leg out!

Which triathlete would you like to meet? 

Cameron Wurf. I LOVE him!

Dream race?

Kona of course!!

Who's your non-triathlon sporting hero? 

Eliud Kipchoge

One bit of advice to a newbie 

Consistency is key. Trust the process, it’s all about the base and most importantly keep smiling!

Which has been your favorite race?

I think it was because there was no pressure! Cottswold classic is an awesome race, it's so chilled with a great atmosphere, it's a joy to race ... oh and nice & flat. Something we are not used to around here. However, I am praying I get one more chance to dance with the Dragon at IM Wales soon



Pool or sea -Sea
Beer or wine -Beer!
Pasta or pizza -Pizza 
Fish or meat -Fish
Cats or dogs -Dogs
Gym or Pain cave -Pain cave 

Sands Beach or Leisure Centre - Sands Beach

1-piece or 2-piece - One-piece

Half or Full = Full!

What was the last book you read? Chrissie Wellington – Life without limits

Top motivational songs-In my mind by Dynoro & Not Giving in by Rudimental

What’s your favourite food? Pizza … actually does ice cream count?! 






2024 Update.

Juliana is currently taking a break from Triathlon having recently got married, changed job and is renovating her new cottage.

Hopefully, we'll see her soon!

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