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 Our Athletes

At @trilloydy we have athletes from various backgrounds, ages and experience.   We have very good team spirit, an ethos of enjoying the training and a will to give your all on race day. Keeping the easy work easy and the hard work hard, we aim to do the very best at everything we do! 


We are not a big squad nor a triathlon club, however, we do target races to compete together both at home and abroad, and with smiles on our faces.  

Meet some of the @trilloydy Class of 2024



13 middle-distance, 4 long-distance triathlons and still addicted!

Name:    Lee Murray

Specialism:  Triathlon - Middle Distance & Long Distance.

Best moment so far:

100% Ironman Lanzarote especially after having to wait three years for it due to Covid.

2024 Goal:  Ironman 70.3 Mallorca and Challenge Roth.

Loves: Crossing the finishing line

Hates:  A busy swimming pool

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Name :    Jason Cole

Specialism:  Time Trials & Duathlon.

Best moment so far: Aiming for a 1.30 half marathon and getting 1.27 in Cardiff 2023.

2024 Goal: Improve on last year's times, try and achieve age group podiums.

Loves: Cycling (short stuff only)

Hates:  Swimming 

Name :    Nick Chilton

Specialism:  Triathlon -  currently training for Olympic & Half distances.

2024 Goal:  Improve Broadhaven Tri time.  Maybe do an ultra marathon in the Jordan desert - that would be cool.

Loves: Early morning swims

Hates:  Missing a training session and marzipan.

Interesting Fact: Learned to swim  at 47, won the 2013 male vet for Go-Tri series then in 2014 at 50, I completed IM Wales!


Name:    Bev Barrett

Specialism:  Triathlon - though cycling is where I started.

Best moment so far: Completing Bowood Middle Distance instead of IMW which was postponed due to Covid. That’s when I fell in love with Triathlon.

2024 Goal:  IM Wales -  I want to make this attempt a less HORRENDOUS experience than my 2022 IMW race!!

Loves: I love love love getting out on the bike and spinning around the countryside.

Hates: Sea swimming scares the life out of me!!! All those pesky jellyfish, I’m just not sure it’s where we’re meant to be?!?!  


Name :    Craig Colborne

Specialism:  Middle Distance & Long Distance Triathlon

Best moment so far: Running down the red carpet at IMW - great party atmosphere.  

2024 Goal:  PB at IM Swansea 70.3 and at my 3rd IM Wales.

Loves:  Racing abroad and sharing course with pro athletes

Hates:   Having to be good at three disciplines and those Jelly Legs on the run after the bike section!


Name:    Kellie Watters

Specialism:  Triathlon Rookie

Best moment so far: 

Doing a double Ultra Run & also Learning to swim in 2022!

2024 Goal:   IM Wales

Interesting Fact: After a hysterectomy, I needed a goal, so I learnt to swim, got back on my bike (I'd stopped at 10 after an accident) and entered IM Wales!

 In-Depth Athlete Features 

 Bethan Ouseley (from 2023)

Chiropractor Bethan is based in Fishguard and specialises in Cycling even becoming Welsh Champion in the 10mile TT in 2022

Click on the picture to read about Bethan's varied sporting achievements and her love of the bike !

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 Darren Dalton (from 2022)

Local businessman Darren, discovered triathlon during lockdown and is now flying, with a Challenge 70.s Champs and Kona slot gained already, he can't wait to do even more.

Click on Darren's picture to find out more!

Ironman Wales 2023

Meet some of our 2023 IMW athletes 

 IMW Newbies 

We asked two of our first-time IM Wales athletes, Martin and David, to give us a bit of insight into their training before the big day!  

Click HERE to find out how they felt beforehand

and how they got on!

 IMW Veterans 

Some athletes want to do IM Wales more than once - mad, I know! Martin and Tommy are two of our IMW veterans - we asked them a few questions about their race experience, so far!

Read more here

 IMW Ladies Too! 

We also have a few ladies taking part this year.  We asked Rowena what her training has been like and how she feels about her home IM.

Read about one of our #trilloydygirls here and what happened when she finished IMW

The original #trilloydyGirls (pre-2020) and Chezney (2022)!

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