We do not have a club or compete as a team and athletes are not required to wear @trilloydy kit.


What we do have is a very good spirit, an ethos of enjoying the training and a will to give your all on race day! Keeping the easy work easy and the hard work hard, and aiming to do the very best at everything you do!

Each month we'll have a focus on different athletes. 


This month the focus is on Darren Gilbert, the former Pembroke RFC scrum-half and captain. 

Butch completed Ironman Wales in 2019 and is currently building the base as he looks forward to Taming the Dragon once more in 2021!!

Click on the picture below to find out more!

Butch 3.jpg

Last month we looked at our very own "Iron Couple" Will James and Nia Davies. Click on their names to find out more!

Will and Nia 1.jpg

In October we focused on Alisha Sturley and Juliana Morgans.

Click on the pictures below to find out more about the original #trilloydygirls! 

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