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Alisha Sturley

What’s your favourite race?
My favourite race has to be IMW not only because it’s the only full ironman distance triathlon I have ever done but the atmosphere is incredible & because it is local more family and friends can come to support.

What was your main sport before triathlon?
I did a small amount of running but swimming was my main sport. As a child I swam for my local swimming squad. Unfortunately, I stopped around the age of 16 and didn’t pick it back up again until I started triathlon training a few years ago. 

Favourite race t-shirt?
Has to be IMW but favourite race kit is definitely my trilloydy 2 piece.

Best triathlon moment?
This has to be my only ever podium finish at the Fishguard half! Pipped at the post for 1st but happy to take 2nd!

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I'm a par

How many fulls, how many halves?
1 full - Ironman Wales
4 half - Woburn abbey
2 x Full LCW

What is your ultimate triathlon goal?

One year I would like to qualify as an AWA!

Kona?? Haha, maybe that’s pushing it. Unless I wait until I’m 90 and then hopefully I should automatically qualify as the only person in my age category.

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Pool or sea -Sea
Beer or wine = Beer if cider counts!
Pasta or pizza = pizza especially if it’s from that place in Lanza. Mi Piace I think it was called
Fish or meat = meat
Cats or dogs = 100% dogs they are the best!
Gym or Pain cave = I’m hoping pain cave considering we have just spent a fortune building it but I haven’t had chance to try it out yet

Sands Beach or Leisure Centre - Sands Beach - What a dream it was just walking down those steps and into the pool every morning & then there was the added bonus of swimming whilst the sun rises!













1-piece or 2-piece = 2 piece - you never know when you may need to wee!

Half or Full = Full! Even though I’ve only done one IMW is my favourite! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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2024 Update:

Alisha is currently on maternity after having her second little boy but hopes to be  making a come-back very soon -  watch this space!

With both of her children she did a full term marathon run/walk a month before their birth!

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