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Bethan Ouseley

How/when did you get into cycling?

I started cycling back in 2013 when Steve, my husband, bought me a Cannondale Synapse (I bet he regrets that now 😂). I had a mountain bike as a child and again in my 20s when I’d commute the short distance to work when living in Surrey, just to beat the traffic!!

What was your main sport before cycling?

Running – all distances from 5km to marathon.

Have you competed to a high level in another sport?

Horse riding – I was part of the welsh working hunter showing team and competed in an international event against other teams from all over the world. 

Which cyclist would you like to meet / cycling hero?

Laura Kenny as I love her modesty, down-to-earth attitude and her accent (lol).

Non-Cycling Sporting hero?

Nigel Owens – our very own welsh rugby referee.

We hear you did an Ironman in 2015 - will you do another one?



What sort of cycle-races do you take part in?

Sportives like the Tour of Pembrokeshire, Velothon Wales and TTs.

What is your favourite race so far?

The Pembrokeshire Tri 25 mile TT as it is always on a lovely summer evening but it’s a hell of a challenging route and certainly not flat.

Best Cycling moment so far?

Finding out that I was the fastest female in the Welsh 10-mile TT championships last August.

What is your ultimate ambition/dream Race?

To race on the V718 course in Yorkshire.

Why do you like being on plan with #trilloydy?

The support from both Pete and Sarah is fantastic. Being on plan keeps me accountable as I know that Pete will be checking my data. I also know that if I didn’t have my sessions sent to me I certainly wouldn’t push myself as hard.

What quote keeps you going in the tough times?

I have 2  - “things happen for you not to you” and a question I ask myself when racing  “what would happen if I pushed just a little bit more?”


One bit of advice to a newbie 

Be scared!!!! Be very scared!!!! the numbers and trust the advice – it works. And when Pete tells you to do slow rides, trust him!

Do you have any special pre-race preparations?

I always get adjusted by my chiropractors 1 – 2 days before a race to make sure I’m firing on all cylinders. Its worked so far!

What is your top motivational song?

Girl on fire

Fun Fact about you!

I love playing the piano, but for my ears only.

I like marmite and marmalade (together) on my toast (haha).

This or That

Sportive or TT - TTR
Road or Turbo - Ooo ... road

Skin Suit or Bib shorts/top - Skin Suit

Disc Wheel or 808s - Disc (one day)
Pasta or pizza - Pizza
Fish or meat - Fish
Cats or dogs - Dogs
Beer or wine - Wine

Strictly or Bake Off -Bake off

What was the last book you read? - Gung Ho by Ken Blanchard

What's your favourite food?- Chocolate

What was your first single/CD? - The Very Best of Elton John double cassette –

it was the first tape for my Walkman from Father Christmas 😉

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? - Coffee

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