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Craig Johnson aka Chezney

What got you into triathlon (and when)?

In 2015 a few of the boys in work decided to enter Broadhaven Tri for charity and, me being me, I entered and had no idea what a triathlon was! I couldn’t even swim a length of the pool or even own a bike.  At this point I turned up race day with a surfing wetsuit, on my dad’s bike and came last, but ultimately, was hooked. I returned a year later and smashed an hour off my time!

What was your main sport before triathlon and to what level?

Rugby and the occasional round of golf.  If you call youth rugby a high level then yes, haha!


Which triathlete would you like to meet? 

Would love to meet Jan Frodeno just to have an insight to what his training is like, then again, I am a big Joe Skipper fan!

Who is your sporting hero?

Alun Wyn Jones just simply puts it all out there every game he plays. A phenomenal athlete.

What is your ultimate triathlon goal?

My ambition is to simply just enjoy every race as much as possible! The dream race has to be Kona! I’m lucky enough to be racing my bucket list Lanza 70.3 in March!

Best triathlon moment?

Hitting the red carpet in Tenby both times and having Keeley and my family there waiting!

How many fulls, how many halves?2x Ironman Wales, 4x halves and 4 Olympic

What quote keeps you going in the tough times? 

I don’t really have a quote but the one I remember which was on the wall at the Omnium was ‘it never gets easier you just get faster’ – Greg LeMond


What’s your favourite race?

This is a tough one. IMW because nothing beats hitting that carpet after 16.5 hours - me and the dragon have a love-hate relationship!! But it's got to be Challenge Wales @ Fishguard 2022 - the best race I’ve had to date



Pool or sea - Pool
Beer or wine = Beer!
Pasta or pizza = Pizza
Fish or meat = Meat
Cats or dogs = Dogs
Gym or Pain cave = Pain cave

Half or Full = Half. 

1-piece or 2-piece = One-piece

Strictly or Bake Off=Bake Off!

Favourite food = I love a good burger and chips

Sands Beach or Leisure Centre = Sands Beach!


Craig's first Triathlon In Broadhaven!


Why do you like being on plan with #trilloydy?

If I didn’t have a structure or coach I probably wouldn’t get half the training done. I see Pete as a very good friend as well as a coach, and his advice is second to none!!

One bit of advice for a newbie 

Be as consistent as possible and the plan works! Need to practice what I preach here haha!

Favourite Finisher T-shirt

IMW 2022

What was the last book you read?

Tyson Fury – the furious method

What are your top one / two motivational songs?

I’ll listen to most songs but the top motivational song is probably Avicii - Wake me up or anything Meatloaf!

What was your first single/CD?

The one I can remember was Busted - A present for everyone

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Keeley wants me to say her but I’d say my phone, I live on it!

2024 Update.

Craig is currently taking a break from Triathlon and is awaiting the arrival of his baby. 

However, rumour has it if you want to catch him he'll be out on his dad's fishing boat!

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