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Darren Dalton

What got you into Triathlon (and when)? 

2020 - During Covid we were only allowed to leave the house for exercise, so as a family we started walking our dogs and it progressed from there.

What was your main sport before triathlon and to what level?
Football but had not done any sport for 6 -7 years. I used to race motorbikes in Pembrey as a hobby many years ago.

Who is your sporting hero?

Steven Gerrard

Which triathlete would you like to meet? 

Jan Frodeno and Kristian Blummenfelt

What is your ultimate triathlon goal/ Dream Race?

Kona !


What quote keeps you going in the tough times?    It’s mind over matter

How many fulls, how many halves?
2021 Broadhaven Tri was my first ever Triathlon, since then I have completed 6 x 70.3 (if Lanzarote 2022 counts- I bonked 200m from the finish-line and didn't get my medal).  I have done 6 x Olympic distances and 1x Full Distance.

Favourite Race, so far?

Ironman Wales

Best Triathlon moment, so far?

Qualifying for Slovakia 70.3 Championships and Kona World Championships.

Why do you like being on plan with #trilloydy?   

I like Trilloydy’s training process and if you stick to exactly what Peter has set up via training peaks and are super consistent, the gains will show.

What’s your favourite food?

Numerous Meals from the Cycling Chef books

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? My family

One bit of advice to a newbie

Don’t compare yourself to others, this is your journey, keep the hard sessions hard and the easy sessions easy.

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Pool or sea -Sea
Beer or wine = Wine
Pasta or pizza = Pasta
Fish or meat = Meat
Cats or dogs = Dogs
Gym or Pain cave = Pain cave

Half or Full = Full

1-piece or 2-piece = One-piece

Strictly or Bake Off= Neither!

Sands Beach or Leisure Centre = Sands Beach!

Last book/magazine you read?  Triathlon

Your first single/CD? Tracey Chapman

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