Will James

What’s your favourite race?
It has to be IM Wales being a local race and for the atmosphere and support on race day.
Outlaw half, Nottingham in a close second.

What was your main sport before triathlon and to what level?
Rugby, position was number 8 although I started in the front row.

I played at County level  back when I was 18.


Best triathlon moment?
Finishing IM Wales in 2019 &
finishing my first sprint triathlon 2017.

Which races are on the bucket list? 

Alpe d'Huez triathlon is on the bucket list and maybe Escape Alcatraz but not sure if I can outswim the sharks yet!!

How many fulls, how many halves?
1 full - Ironman Wales
4 halves and more to come!!

What is your ultimate triathlon goal?

To travel the world completing 70.3s. Sadly Covid put a stop to our Mallorca, Turkey and Poland 70.3 planned for 2020.

Who is your sporting hero?

Michael Schumacher-what he achieved and did for the sport of F1 is just amazing. His situation now is so sad.

Which triathlete would you like to meet? 

Cameron Wurf. 

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What was your proudest sporting moment?

This isn't one of my own but watching Nia finish her first 70.3 and this was also her first half marathon!


Pool or sea -Sea
Beer or wine = Beer!
Pasta or pizza = Pasta
Fish or meat = Meat
Cats or dogs = Dogs
Gym or Pain cave = Pain cave

Half or Full = Half. Every time!!

1-piece or 2-piece = One-piece

Strictly or Bake Off=Neither, but if I had to Bake Off!

Favourite food=Do enjoy a good burger and salty chips after an event but anyone who knows me will tell you it has to be ice cream, especially after a tough session. 

Sands Beach or Leisure Centre = Sands Beach- take me back!

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Favourite race Finisher shirts

Grey is IM Wales
Red for my virtual London Marathon
Maroon/purple my first tri, Carmarthen Sprint in 2017

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What was the last book you read?

Chasing Kona, book about how a heavy smoker with a non sporting background manages to knuckle down and qualify for Kona.


One bit of advice to a newbie 

Enjoy it! You don't need all the fancy kit to compete.
If you're not from a swimming background get lessons before bad habits set in (this is one thing I wish I had done)